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Strength Training Plan


Strength Training Plan
Strength Training Plan


Strength Training Plan
Strength Training Plan


Strength Training Plan

 Strength and Endurance 

Train Smart not Hard

Cardio Activity vs. Strength Training


What form of exercise is most effective at burning Calories and Fat?

You get more bang for your effort when you incorporate strength training into your exercise program. Strength training burns fat much more effectively. When you have more of your natural muscle your body burns fat even when you’re not exercising. Cardio on the other hand only burns the calories as you are exercising but the process of calorie burning ends shortly after.

I only have 40 minutes to exercise when I'm at the gym. How can I incorporate both Cardio Activity and Strength Training?

You can have an effective workout in 40 minutes including both cardio activity and strength training. Choose exercises like Squats, Lunges, Push Ups, Mountain Climbers and Chin Ups that when done incorporate not just legs but also your core. Do Giant sets where you move from one exercise to the next with little rest between sets. 

What's better Machines or Free Weights and benefits of each?

Both Machines and Free Weights have their benefit. Machines are easy in that a beginner can get it right only if he or she adjusts the machine properly to perform the exercise properly. Free weights require more guidance and experience at having the proper form to prevent injury.

What exercises give me the most bang for my buck?

Compound movements give you the most bang for your buck. Exercises like Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Bent Over Rows, straight Leg dead lifts, Lunges, and Push Ups. When doing these exercises you are training more than one body part and maximizing your results.

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What are Adaptogens and how do they work?



Ashwagandha helps the body cope with stress by boosting adrenal function, balancing stress hormones, enhancing thyroid function, calming the mind, relieving anxiety and increasing energy


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