Beetroot Powder

One of Natures Superstars is Beetroot 

By Tom Tunstall

When it comes to health and anti aging mother nature certainly does have the upper hand in helping us to achieve natural solutions for our lifestyle goals. Many of the natural substances that grow from the earth are the envy of big pharma in their ability to produce significant and meaningful health benefits without any adverse side effects.
Beets are low in calories and are loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds that contain antioxidant, anti-aging and medicinal properties within them.
• Vitamin C
•Vitamin B6
• Magnesium 
• Potassium 
• Folate 
• Phosphorus 
• Manganese 
• Iron
Beets contain plant compounds such as  nitrates and betalains which have numerous health benefits. 
Beets help support healthy Blood Pressure levels.
High blood pressure is one of the leading factors of heart disease such as heart attacks,  heart failure and strokes. Beets have been shown to lower blood pressure significantly within a few hours of injestion. 
Beets contain inorganic compounds called nitrates. The high concentration of nitrates within beets get converted into Nitric Oxide which dialates blood vessels and increases circulation thus allowing blood pressure to drop.


Beets can improve athletic performance. 
The high levels of nitrates contained within beets provide high octane fuel to supercharge your workouts by producing increased Nitric Oxide levels in your body.
Nitric Oxide is produced by nearly every cell in the human body and is essential for overall health.  It is a vasodilator that signals blood vessels to relax and expand thus allowing blood, oxygen and nutrients to flow throughout the entire body . This increase in circulation and oxygen improves the efficiency of the mitochondria which is responsible for cellular energy. 
Consuming beetroot juice prior to training can enhance and extend the quality of high intensity aerobic and anaerobic training. 
Increased energy, stamina, endurance as well as better muscle pumps in the gym are byproducts of increased Nitric Oxide production within the body. 
The best time to consume beets are 2 hours before training or competition to allow the nitrate levels to peak.
Beets aid in detoxification of the liver and help lower inflammation. 
Beets contain a group of phytonutrients called betalains which contain powerful antioxidants that support detoxification in the liver as well as anti inflamatory conditions throughout the body. Beetroot is known for its ability to cleanse and flush out toxins from the liver. 
Beetroot is good for the brain.
Beetroot is even good for cognitive function due to the boost in nitric oxide provided by the high concentration of nitrates in beets.  The increased blood flow and oxygen improves circulation in  every part of the body including the brain. 
Beats help boost your immunity.  
Beets are high in zinc, Copper, iron, vitamins C and A . All of which are involved in immune health and oxygen transport to the cells of your body, thus enhancing immune defense. 
Beets can boost Libido.
Beats are rich in The mineral boron. Boron plays a role in the production of sex hormones. Red is the color of power, warmth and love.
Remember the increase in blood flow, circulation and oxygen that is caused by vasodialation can be a huge benefit in enhancing sexual health as well.  Beets can help improve erectile dysfunction . Nitric Oxide is an energy molecule that has life giving capabilities of opening up the internal organs to receive oxygen, energy and nutrients to open expand and thrive!
We manifest our health with our thoughts, feelings and actions! Mother earth has always provided us with everything we need to live a life of abundant health, vitality well-being and longevity. Beetroot juice has the ability to help you improve your health and wellbeing on multiple levels. Take performance and your life to the next level by adding beetroot to your arsenal!

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