Beginner Strength Training

Beginner Strength Training


You’re a beginner and just getting started or first time incorporating strength training into an existing workout plan. Most importantly you must keep it simple and be patient. If you want to see results consistency is the key. So before you begin start by honestly asking yourself this question: What day or days can I realistically commit to weekly? What time each day works with my schedule? Don’t choose 3 days a week if a year has past and you haven’t done one day per week consistently. Don’t choose 5 am in the morning if you work a 9 to 5 and it’s already hard to get prepared for getting out the door. Instead do it immediately after work. Don’t go home first, but have your workout gear in the car with you and go straight to the gym. If you’re not ready for the gym enviornment then find a park or walk around the block where you live or an area you’re comfortable with. Do some basic strength training exercises that dont require any weights or equipment. Do a few sets of Squats and Lunges. Click below to get simple exercises for beginners that will work for you.

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Beginner Strength Training

Tips to Get You Started

Here are a few suggestions to get your workout off to a good start!

Start with the Basics

Start with basic strength exercises using your own body weight like Push Ups, Squats and Sit Ups. These exercises can be done at home as well as in the gym. Don’t worry about performing the perfect Push Up or Squat, with time and consistency you will improve your form and strength.

Workout Gear

Wear clothing that is comfortable and allows freedom of movement. Its important to look and feel your best regardless of what shape you’re in. Find things that keep you inspired like your favorite music, a good book, visualizing or daily affirmations. These all play a role in cultivating a winning mind set for your workouts. 

Consider a Trainer

Consider hiring a competent trainer to guide and instruct you on proper technique, form and safety. This is a good investment to get off to a good start.

Rest and Recovery

Muscle Soreness is a bi-product of the demands you are placing on your muscles. It is an indicator that you have set the body’s growth mechanism in motion. It’s now important to Rest and Recover through proper sleep, nutrition and more importantly taking time off from training.  Remember more training is NOT always better!

Drink Plenty of Water

The body is composed of over 70% water. Staying hydrated affects every cellular function in the body. Consuming adequate amounts of water helps to detoxify the  internal organs of the body. Don’t undo your  positive changes by drinking tap water…..Drink purified bottled water. 

Eat a Balanced Diet

Consume lean protein, complex Carbs and good fats. Try to eat smaller portions throughout the day. A food journal is helpful in creating awareness of your daily dietary choices and caloric intake. Strive to consume at least 1200 to 1500 calories per day to maintain or lose weight.